An Unexpected Delight at The Cake House

A most surprising journey to The Cake House will lift you above the clouds, in Wildomar, CA, Battle Creek, MI, and Vista, CA. We aren’t your typical bakery—we are much more than that! Through specialized care and deep understanding, our team blends the art of traditional baking with the innovative creativity of cannabis culinary craftsmanship.

Expand Your Tastes

Nestled at the intersection of flavor, quality, and care, The Cake House doubles as a cutting-edge cannabis dispensary and a bakery. We’re drawn towards the unfamiliar, the extraordinary, and the sweetest sense of serenity. Weed store or bakery? You might struggle to decide once you’ve sampled our curated range of cannabis-infused treats.

Catering to Medical Cannabis Needs

Perhaps you’re seeking ‘medical cannabis near me’ in Vista or Wildomar, CA? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’re not just about craving-inducing confections; we’re grounded in our reality and committed to providing quality medical cannabis. A visit to our marijuana shop won’t disappoint but will likely introduce you to some unexpected delights, making every visit a taste adventure.

Embrace the unexpected and treat yourself with a journey to our unique Cake House. It’s time to elevate your senses!