A Day in the Life at Elite Aesthetics: Commitment to Beautiful, Happy Faces Everyday

5 AM – Awakening

In our world-class Elite Aesthetics clinics, our days start early, even before sunrise. My alarm rings at 5 AM which leaves me ample time to meditate, workout, and start my day with a healthy breakfast. Even before bringing out beautiful transformations in our client’s lives, I believe working on oneself is important.

7:30 AM – Off to Work

I arrive at our Hell’s Kitchen, NY office by 7:30 AM. Our clients come not just from the surrounding areas, but beyond. With locations in Union Square, NY, Chelsea, NY, Greenwich Village, NY, East Village, NY, and Midtown Manhattan, NY, we cater to a broad clientele whose beauty requirements range from intense facial treatments to simple lip fillers.

8 AM – Client Consultation Sessions

Round the clock, we have consultations and appointments being scheduled. We encourage our clients to discuss their desired outcomes, apprehensions, and personal aesthetics situation. This helps our team cater to each client’s unique requirements, whether it’s Derma Fillers, Natural Facial Balancing, or Natural Collagen Injectables.

12 PM – Derma Fillers Appointments

Our day continues with specific appointments. Let’s take Derma Fillers as an example. With our experienced and excellent professionals, we deliver youthful yet natural skin experiences. Unlike other standard providers, Elite Aesthetics infuses a personalized touch to every kind of facial service.

2 PM – Lunch Hour

A small break in the afternoon, which includes healthy meal options, keeps us energized for the rest of the day.

3 PM – Natural Collagen Injectables

Post-lunch sessions include working on clients who are looking for natural collagen injectables. The procedure is carried out with precision, and we ensure a comforting ambiance.

5 PM – Facial Services

We then move on to various facial services, aiming to rejuvenate the skin and tackling issues like wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.

6 PM – Wrapping Up

The last hour of the day is normally reserved for follow-ups or any procedures that need post-care consultations. This hour is more about ensuring that our clients are satisfied with their treatments and leave our centers with a smile.

Every day at Elite Aesthetics is a delightful opportunity to enhance beauty, boost confidence, and spread happiness.