The Green Haven in Long Beach: MMD Shops, A Nifty Leisure Point

Here in bustling Long Beach, CA, there’s a unique place that has become the talk of the town. MMD Shops! Not your typical dispensary found along the streets; it is a fun-filled amusement park for green lovers.

It’s Not Just a Cannabis Dispensary Near You

Mischievously tucked away, MMD Shops is more than just a “Dispensary Near Me” Google search result. It has been providing a unique sense of community and camaraderie to the Long Beach residents and surrounding areas since 2006. That’s over a decade of unparalleled experience in the cannabis industry!

Dive into the Local History

Founded on the heels of medical marijuana’s legalization in California, MMD Shops of Long Beach has always been more than just a medical marijuana store. With its friendly atmosphere, vibrant vibe, and an extensive range of cannabis products, MMD is the corner-store where everybody actually knows your name!

In the heart of Long Beach, MMD Shops remains committed to the community, continuing to offer quality cannabis products, with the same old friendly grin, that just brightens up your day!