“Cannabis Caper at The Sanctuary in Citrus Heights!”

Picture it: Citrus Heights, CA. You are wandering around this vibrant city when a thought crops up – “Where’s the nearest marijuana dispensary?” Well, since you asked, it’s none other than the delightful The Sanctuary.

On a Quest for the Quintessential Cannabis?

The Sanctuary is the answer for all your weed wishes and CBD calls. This isn’t your grandpa’s ol’ tobacco shop. Our CBD Store Roseville, CA features a myriad of superbly sourced and perfectly priced products, without needing a trek down the yellow brick road.

Preparing for a pit-stop in Represa, CA? Good news! You needn’t relinquish the reefer. In Represa, we are the trusted cannabis dispensary serving both locals and wanderlust-laden folks.

Who Says You Can’t Mix Fun with Green?

Finally, a word to the wise: though our name is The Sanctuary, we don’t promise Nirvana. What we do guarantee is a friendly atmosphere, quality products, and staff who can explain the difference between a Sativa and an Indica strain faster than a Ferrari changes gears. So why hesitate? Make The Sanctuary your first stop in the great Cannabis Caper!