A Journey to Wellness with SOAR Dispensary

Passionate about the healing benefits of cannabis, SOAR Dispensary has remained committed to serving the community in Oxford, Olive Branch, and Greenville, MS. We started our journey with the goal: to eliminate the stigmas attached to medical marijuana use and educate people about its potential uses.

Every day, we see individuals walk into our locations burdened by their health concerns or chronic pain. Witnessing their transformation as they start using medical marijuana propels us forward. An elderly woman in Olive Branch, struggling with insomnia, found solace in our fine curated sleep tinctures. A college student in Oxford, grappling with severe anxiety, discovered comfort using our cannabis-infused edibles.

Our dispensary in Greenville is a beacon for patients seeking a natural approach to their wellbeing. Through tailor-made cannabis therapies, these patients witness a significant improvement in their quality of life.

At SOAR Dispensary, we believe in the manifold therapeutic properties of cannabis. Each day, we strive relentlessly to ensure our patients have access to safe, effective medical marijuana products, awakening the powerful resilience within each one of them.